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Our comprehensive range of industry-leading epoxy systems, products, tooling, and equipment ensures outstanding performance, exceptional durability, and stunning finishes for various applications. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, we have what you need, providing superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and long-lasting protection for your surfaces.

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Epoxy Floor Wars

October 19 – 21

Introducing Epoxy Floor Wars ®️, the ultimate flooring competition brought to you by Epoxy Depot and Wicked Kolors! Get ready to showcase your skill and creativity in the world of epoxy flooring.

April Special

Buy 4 or more E4E-100-XR kits and pay $149.50 per kit.

*Sale valid until April 30th, 2023. Minimum of 4 kits for sale price. No maximum quantity.

April Special

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Wicked Kolors Overlay System

Wicked Kolors Overlay System is specifically designed to promote ease of install for even the most novice of individuals.

Reasons to use epoxy

  • Achieve a timeless look in little time
  • Epoxy Flooring is up to 7 times stronger and more durable than concrete!
  • Won’t have to worry about costly repairs thanks to its time-tested longevity!
  • Since epoxy is a nonporous surface, it’s water resistant and thereby resistant to the growth of molds, mildew, and fungus!
  • Stands up against chemicals and acid- which means they won’t damage, stain or cause discoloration!
  • Versatility of the product. The texture can be very smooth or a heavy texture to create a non-slip surface depending on your needs.
  • Seamless flooring is a possibility which is recommended and approved by FDA & USDA.
  • Endless options on appearance through countless custom combinations. Ability to blend color and textures such as vinyl chips, sparkles and the popular pigments!
  • Low maintenance: Easy to clean and disinfect!

What we offer at Epoxy Depot


As your local source for epoxy and concrete coatings, we’re committed to providing unbeatable value and convenience. Our extensive product range and competitive pricing, make it easy for you to access everything you need to complete your projects seamlessly. Experience the difference of working with a trusted and reliable partner who understands your needs and puts your satisfaction first.


We believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their field. We offer top-tier training programs for both epoxy and concrete applications, led by experienced industry professionals. 

Get trained in a variety of quality coating trends with the leaders in the epoxy industry!

Flake  Cementitious


Tools designed for epoxy projects.

BIG change shouldn’t cost BIG money… but it does require BIG Equipment to get the job done right! Trust Epoxy Depot to help you with the right kind of tools to coat your floors right!


From financing new equipment to renting the right tools for your job. We have you covered.

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Training – Elevate Your Skills with Our Industry Expertise

Whether you’re new to the industry, or have limited experience, you’ll learn the skills to take part in this high demand field.


Enhance Your Skills with Professional Training.

Learn a new skill that produces 50% profit margins.

Learn the art of concrete prep and resinous coatings application.

Learn More About Our Epoxy Training

We’ve partnered with Clicklease to offer financing for equipment! *financing for equipment only* Stop in or give us a call to learn more!

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